Virtual Transcript

Certifications & Statements of Accomplishment

Date Course Site Score
Introduction to Computer Science and Programming edX 94
2013-12-13 Introduction to Financial Accounting Coursera 95
2013-09-23 Startup Engineering Coursera 80.6
2013-08-01 Justice edX 76
2013-05-28 Principles of Economics for Scientists Coursera 60.4
2013-05-19 Gamification Coursera 81.2
2013-05-01 Leading Strategic Innovation in Organizations Coursera 98.7
2013-05-08 Foundations of Business Strategy Coursera 100
2013-04-01 Introduction to Databases Stanford 88.7
2013-03-22 Data Analysis Coursera 96.8
2013-03-19 MongoDB for DBAs 10gen 91
2012-12-17 An Introduction to Operations Management Coursera 97.8
2012-12-06 Computing for Data Analysis Coursera 90

Noteworthy Badges


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