16 Free Online Business Courses That Are Actually Worth Your Time

Last month, Business Insider published a nice list of some of the best online courses.  Unfortunately, their post is directed at business classes, so it doesn’t include some of the other great classes available.  I do commend them for finding some of the great MIT OpenCourseWare classes that aren’t on a major platform yet (edX).  Below is my personal progress through the business classes on BI’s list.

Classes I’m currently taking:

Classes I’ve completed:

Classes I eventually “un-registered” from (but hope to take again in a future offering):

And, all the other classes:

My biggest hesitation about their list though, is that some of these classes are being taught for the first time and have not even started, so no one knows how the quality of the class will translate to an online platform.  Though unlikely, it’s always possible one or more of these new classes will end up like UC Irvine’s Microeconomics or Georgia Tech’s Online Education class.  Only time will tell us how the classes actually turn out.

(via Business Insider’s 16 Free Online Business Courses That Are Actually Worth Your Time)