Coursera on Androids

Coursera finally published an Android app last week to the Google Play Store. I’ve been waiting for this day pretty much since I started Coursera, and the app successfully addresses my number one need: watching lectures offline. Below is the quick list of my personal Pros and Cons followed by some screenshots:


  • Easy to download and track watched lectures
  • Convenient for watching lectures offline
  • Simple and clear organization
  • Closed captioning (in multiple languages for some lectures)


  • Still cannot do in-video quizzes
  • Does not remember where I left off in the middle of lecture videos
  • Quizzes and Homeworks only organized by week
  • Miscellaneous “bugs”
    • Crashes when reopening the app after not having used it for a while
    • FAQ button does not link correctly
    • Cannot view videos through the Course Menu when offline (must go through My Downloads section)

Main Menu

The main menu is clean and simple. Not many options, but all the necessary options are readily available.

My Courses

Easy access to all courses you’ve signed up for from the past, present, and future. However there are no additional details such as scores for completed courses.


The browsing function is simple and beautiful, but the large thumbnails for each course slows the page load time, especially if you try to scroll too quickly.

Course Menu

Tapping into the course, everything is organized by week, including video lectures and homework assignments.