Final Projects From My Spring MOOCs

Spring has come and gone, and with it another wave of MOOC experiences.   This time, I also had the chance to submit a number of final project for peer assessments.  I am still skeptical about the reliability of peer assessed assignments, and I even attempted to use my teammates from Leading Strategic Innovation in Organizations to see the variability in our scores when we submitted the same assignments.

For example, we all submitted the same video for our final project: Innovations Final (v0). However, I was the only one of three team members who received the maximum possible score for the submission, as well as positive feedback:

Since the grades are relatively arbitrary and significantly based on luck, I won’t share my results, suffice it to say I received “passing marks” on the 4 peer assessed final projects I did submit:

Overall, all four of these classes were well worth the time spent. This Summer, I’ll hopefully add a few more projects to my library, including hopefully a Bitcoin Selfstarter if I can make it through all of Startup Engineering. Fingers crossed.



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