Freedom For All To Teach Their Craft

I’ve just begun trying out the lectures at Udemy, which is different from other MOOCs in that it allows anyone to participate in the teaching. While Coursera and edX recruits professors from top universities, Udemy relies on contributions from volunteers. Although Udemy’s teachers can charge fees for their courses, many of the leaders are offering their lectures free of charge.

Udemy offers a platform for limitless “adjunct professors” — courses taught by the best in their perspective fields. To kick things off, I’ve started watching Marissa Mayer’s New Product Development Process (Marissa Mayer of Google) and Product Development at Facebook (lectures by Zuckerberg himself). Thus far, neither really seems like a course per se; rather more like a TED talk, but the potential is clearly there.

Aptly enough, Udemy has just launched their Teach2013 movement to motivate the masses to convince experts to come and share their insights on Udemy. I genuinely hope that experts will join this year and unleash the full potential of Udemy, but only time will tell.

teach 2013 udemy

Udemy really appears to empower educators according to TechCrunch, especially in the curriculum creation and design process. At some point, I’ll have to go through the steps of “creating a class” just to get the hands-on experience of using Udemy’s curriculum creation system.

While Udemy is not my go-to option for online classes at this time, I’m eager to see who will join its teaching ranks in 2013.



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