January-Loaded Spring Classes

So, after many attempts to slim down my January course load, I’ve finally narrowed myself down to 5 classes. And, hopefully I won’t add too many more as the season goes on.

Even now, I’m still trying to settle on one economics class.  I just can’t tell which one will spur my interests more.  The Economics for Scientists appears to offer much greater depth into the topic; however, the Microeconomics class was designed specifically for business students, so it might align more closely to my actual needs.

Coming up later in the year, I also have the following classes on the docket.  But who knows if my online Spring semester will include additional classes.

Unfortunately though, I do not expect to receive any kind of certificate or statement for the Business Strategy or Business Ethics classes.  Also, I need to assemble an entourage to take on the Strategic Innovation class with me, otherwise I will be ostracized and unable to join in the group activities.

Data Analysis and Financial Engineering will be good opportunities for me to really put my R skills to the test.  I also expect Economics for Scientists and Financial Engineering to be fairly challenging classes, so they might really change the rest of the semester’s lineup.  But I am also feeling somewhat compelled to take some classes that aren’t either quantitative or business-related.  I love a good challenge though, so we’ll see if the harder classes will slow me down.
2013 spring


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