Top Ten Business Schools?

So… friends, peers, advisers, and all manner of people in my life have told me that I should only consider an MBA if it’s from a “Top Ten” school. I’ve been told that it’s all about “the brand” and “the network” and anything less than the best isn’t worth the investment. Unfortunately, there are so many different rankings, and each one is somewhat different, so it’s been hard to narrow down the top ten. Some of these rankings are based on salaries while others are based on some collection of surveys.

The most popular ones are:

Thankfully, has conveniently aggregated the most popular lists for us into a single ranking. I’ve clipped the top 10 since apparently that’s all that matters.
Top 10 MBA

Another interesting new survey-based ranking also yields similar results: Business Insider’s The World’s Best Business Schools.

While all these rankings are all good, it is still a lot of investment. And, in an age of free and open everything on the internet, I’m considering whether I’d be just as well off doing my own DIY MBA since I’m not sure if I’m more intrigued by the knowledge or “the brand” and “the network”.



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