Fall 2012 Semester Completed!

So I’ve finally finished my first “semester” trying to go to online class in a more formal manner. Before this Fall, I watched videos on my own, often through iTunes U, and doing homework assignments on my own where applicable, such as with the MIT OCW Scholar courses.

This Fall, I enrolled in the following classes on Coursera:

And unfortunately, I had to defer and drop out of the following edX class since I just didn’t have the time, but the 2 weeks I spent there was great, and I hope to try out their classes again in the future:

I must say I had a great experience with using Coursera.  For me, I am self-motivated and able to follow their weekly schedule of work, but I can see how it is hard for some.  It is just the right amount of structure for me to keep progressing, particularly via the weekly homework assignments and/or quizzes.  Some may argue that it is difficult to learn with such “disengaged” professors, but in these courses, I found the people on the forums to be more than helpful enough in answering questions.    Anyone who was enrolled in Operations could probably tell you that Collin somehow was able to help everyone despite being a student as well.

Computing for Data Analysis

There will always be an “honesty” issue as to whether or not a student actually did the work, so I’m still not totally convinced that these courses should ever qualify as legitimate college credit.  However, I think they are ideal for fulfilling pre-requisite type requirements. And, if you’re like me and are in it for the knowledge, then there’s no point in cheating because you’re actually enrolled to learn.  And in that case, it will change your world. No more tuition, no more late-night classes, no more summer school, and no more community college.



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